Agreement Renewal Processing

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The process of creating renewal invoices is simple. Begin by selecting Renewal Processing from the Agreements menu.

There are two steps to renew agreements that bill by master or by equipment detail.

  1. Generate the renewal invoice or quote.
  2. Select the RENEW option from the service agreement once the invoice has been created/updated.

Agreements that are setup to quote will go to a status of quote. When the quote is converted to an invoice the agreement status changes to renew and the renewal button displays on the agreement record.

If a renewal invoice was generated for the wrong amount click the UN-Renew button displayed on the agreement and regenerate the renewal invoice for the correct amount. Once a renewal is generated, the system stores the renewal invoice information in a temporary file until renew is selected.

If an agreement is closed out at the time of renewal, select the UN-Renew button then change the agreement status to CLOSED. Closed is the status for fulfilled agreements that will never renew.

It is recommended that users do not click renew on any agreement until after the renewal invoice is updated through the sales order daily updates process.

Zero dollar and multi-year agreements are also renewed during the renewal process. These types of agreements are automatically updated any time renewal invoices are generated.

Complete the fields below to perform renewal processing:

  • Order of Output: Choose the order of output in which records are selected. Choose from Agreement Number, Agreement Type, Customer Number, Start Date, or Anniversary Date
  • Cut-off Date: Enter the ending date for the month in which invoices will be created. Invoices due after the date entered will not be created.
  • Invoice Date: Enter the date to use as the Invoice Date.
  • S/O Date: The date to use for any sales orders created.
  • Change %: Amount to increase/decrease on renewal. A positive number marks an increase; a negative number marks a decrease. To specify an increase of 15.5 percent, type 15.5 into the field (not 0.155). To specify a decrease of 2 percent, type -2.0 in the field.
  • Next Invoice: The next invoice number.
  • Next S/O Number: The next sales order number.

Important: It is suggested that separate series of numbers be used for invoices and sales orders in service agreement billings. Refer to SVCONTHEGO Options on the setup menu to establish counter options. See Setup for more information.