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The Agreements features are used to manage, bill and renew contractual arrangements with customers. Each agreement links to a single customer's accounts receivable record. Multiple sites can be covered by one agreement. Agreements can include planned maintenance schedules for each site that automate the creation of routine service jobs.

Three types of billing options are available to facilitate various billing and management styles.

  1. Agreement MasterThe billing schedule is maintained on the main agreement screen.
  2. Block of TimeThe billing schedule is accessed from a button on the agreement screen.
  3. Equipment DetailThe billing scheduled is accessed from the equipment records tied to the agreement.

Each type of agreement is discussed in more detail in their respective pages. Before proceeding with agreement setup, we recommend the following items be established.

  1. Identify the site(s) to be covered by service agreements.
  2. Establish the types of agreements, accounts receivable records for billing, billing schedules and methods of billing.
  3. Determine what equipment will be covered by the service agreement.
  4. Establish parameters for planned maintenance such as tasks to be performed, day of the month to schedule maintenance, service type to distinguish a planned maintenance job from other service jobs, plus materials and estimated hours required to perform the tasks.

Helpful Hint: It’s best to predetermine which agreement type(s) will best meet the business’s needs. Once determined an outline establishing policies to govern the set up of agreements will help efficiently manage the processes. Review the options presented on the respective agreement type pages before proceeding with agreement setup.

Agreement Search[edit]

Agreement Search provides the ability to lookup agreements based on user defined selection criteria. Once the agreement has located double-click on the agreement to drill down to the details. Select Search from the Agreements menu to begin.

Schedule Planned Billings[edit]

Select Billings from the Agreements menu, to invoice service agreements set up for scheduled invoicing.

Agreement Renewal Processing[edit]

The process of creating renewal invoices is simple. Begin by selecting Renewal Processing from the Agreements menu.

Deferred Revenue Processing[edit]

Deferred Revenue Register creates a general ledger register to post revenue from the deferred revenue account to the revenue account for all agreements with deferred revenue. Users activate this feature by selecting Deferred Revenues on the Agreements menu. Monthly processing of deferred revenue is recommended.

Planned Maintenance Schedule Search[edit]

The Planned Maintenance Schedule feature is designed for businesses to manage contractual agreements for planned services. Use planned maintenance schedules to establish regular equipment service calls. Access the the Planned Maintenance Schedule Search from the Planned Maintenance option of the Agreements menu.

Planned Maintenance Processing[edit]

Once all service agreements have been set up with the necessary equipment and planned maintenance schedules, use Planned Maintenance Processing on the Agreements menu, to generate the planned service jobs for regularly scheduled jobs.