Board Maintenance

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BoardMaint main.PNG
Menu > Call Central/Dispatch Board > Form Maintenance
The Manage Forms tab is used to add new forms and edit existing forms.
 Forms marked private are only available to the creator.
 Forms marked default will be used to create the map on the dashboard.  
 Form removal cannot be reversed.
Filters Tab
BoardMaint filters.PNG
Filter by the following:
 Service Type
 Status Code
 Job Type
Color Display Tab
BoardMaint colors.PNG
The Color Display feature assists users with job identity. Colors can be defained based on the following:
 Past Due
 Due Within a specific amount of time.
 Job Types
 Status Code
Maintenance Tab
BoardMaint mainten.PNG
The Maintenance tab is used to format the results grid.  
 Add fields from multiple tables
 Set column width
 Set justification
Copy From Tab
BoardMaint copyfrom.PNG
The Copy From tab is used to clone existing boards.