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The Company Representatives section of SVCONTHEGO allows users to search for and add company representatives to your database. These are usually sales people and account managers who interact with your customers, but they can be other types of representatives as well if you have them.

Company Rep Search[edit]

Company Rep Search Criteria[edit]

Access the Company Rep Search by selecting Company Reps option from the Search drop down at the top of the screen. The first window users will see when opening the Company Rep Search is the search criteria, shown below. This will allow you to find the contact and position information about company representatives within your database. As with any addition to the database - the more information you are able to put into the record initially, the more information you will have access to later.

Company reps search.PNG

The search criteria fields are as follows:

  • Drop Down: Allows you to choose what the main criteria for the search will be. Defaults to Site, which is the only criteria available at the moment.
  • Active: If there is a blue check mark in the box, your search will be limited to Company Reps that are currently marked as active in your database.
  • Rows Displayed: This allows you to choose how many rows of results will be displayed in the Search Results windows. Uses multiples of 5 (5,10,15,20 or 30).
  • Number: Refers to Customer Rep number or code. This is the number that is assigned by the user to the company rep when adding a new company rep to SVCONTHEGO.
  • Name: Refers to the Site Name.
  • AR Division: The accounts receivable division that each company rep belongs to. Will carry over to Sage 100 but not Sage 50 or QuickBooks.

Company Rep Search Results[edit]

Once the search criteria has been entered, the company reps that meet the search criteria will be displayed in the search results window as shown below.

Company rep results.PNG

Company reps can be sorted by the following fields: Code, Name, Type, Phone, and Division (AR Division). To sort in ascending order, click on the Up arrow next to the field you want to sort by. To sort in descending order, click the Down arrow next to the field you want to sort by.

To edit the information of a company rep, click on the name of the rep and click the Edit tab. This will open the Company Rep editor. You can see the editor below. For more information on what the data fields are, see the Adding a Company Rep section of this page.

Company rep edit.PNG

Adding a Company Rep[edit]

To add a company rep to SVCONTHEGO, start by clicking the More drop down in the Search Criteria window and select "Add a Company Rep." This will open the Add Company Rep window. You can see the window below.

Add rep.PNG

Fill in the data fields for the company representative that you are are adding to SVCONTHEGO. Not all data fields need to be filled out to successfully add a company rep to your database, but it is recommended. The more information put into the database, the more that can be returned when it is needed.

Data Fields:

  • Rep No (Rep Number): This is a number that users assign to the customer. Will be displayed as Code in the Company Reps search results.
  • Active: Automatically set to active status.
  • Rep Name: First and last name for the company rep.
  • Rep Type: What the company rep's position is. Can be selected by either free-form typing a representative type that was added during set-up or by selecting a representative type from the drop down.
  • Commission Rate: The percentage of the contract value that the representative is entitled to for commission based on their contract.
  • Phone: The phone number the representative can be reached at.
  • Email: The email address of the representative.
  • Division: The Accounts Receivable division that the representative is assigned to. Will be consistent with the AR Division in Sage 100. If using Sage 50 or QuickBooks, the division will not carry over. Can be selected by using the drop down.
  • Address: The mailing address for the representative.
  • Address 2: Can be used to add Apartment Number, Suite, etc.
  • Address 3: Can be used to add an additional address line if necessary.
  • ZIP: The zip code associated with the representatives address.
  • City: Will automatically fill in when the ZIP is added.
  • State: Will automatically fill in when the ZIP is added.
  • Country: Will automatically fill in when the ZIP is added.

Once you have added all the pertinent information, hit the Save button in the bottom right corner of the window. You can edit the Company Rep information later through the Company Rep Search Results window by selecting the representative's name and clicking the Edit tab.