Daily Call Center

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Select Dispatch > Daily Call Center
Daily Call Center boards are used to manage jobs by dispatch card. The boards are customizable.
 Unlimited Forms
 Custom Filters
 Color indication by Job Types, Service Types, Priorities, due dates and times.
 Clone boards
 Private or shared boards
Once a job is selected the job management buttons are available for use.
 Job Link - Links to the selected job for a complete view of the job details.
 Transactions Button - Opens the transactions entry form.
 History Button - Opens the job history form.
 Map - Opens a map that displays the site location.
 Timer - Starts/Stops the timer for the selected job.
 Unassigned Jobs - Counts jobs not assigned to a servicer.
 Total Work Hours - The number of servicers on the board multiplied by the number of hours on the board.
 Total Allocated Hours - Of the total work hours, the number that have been allocated to jobs.
 Efficiency Percentage - The percentage of total hours allocated to jobs.
 Arrival Time Exceeded - The number of jobs that have not arrived to the job site in a timely manner.
 Jobs Enroute - The number of servicers that are enroute to the job site.
 Jobs on Site - The number of servicers that are on a job site.
 Jobs Field Complete - The number of jobs that have been marked with the status code Field Complete.