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The Equipment Details type is used to manage agreements based on a pre-determined fee for each equipment item covered by an agreement. The agreement can be billed and renewed on a regular schedule and can include planned maintenance for specified equipment. Planned maintenance is discussed later in this section.

The Equipment Detail Agreement relies on setup options that are activated through the setup menu prior to completing an agreement. Refer to Setup Section for more information on the following items:

  • Agreement Type Maintenance (required).
  • Renewal Text Maintenance (optional) comments are set to print on sales orders (quotes) or invoice when generating renewals.
  • Inventory Maintenance (required) equipment build defaults must be established for the items to be covered by agreements based on billing by equipment detail.

Adding an Equipment Detail Agreement to a Service Site[edit][edit]

There are two ways to begin adding an agreement to a Service Site. After the site has been selected and the Agreements window is open, the process for adding a new agreement is the same.

  1. Select a Service Site and click the Agreements tab. To add a new Agreement to the Site, select the Add Agreement option from the Agreement Options drop down. This will open the Agreement Search window, where the user will be able to input the agreement data.
  2. Select the Search option from the Agreements drop-down. This will open the Agreement Search/Edit screen. In the Agreements section, select the Add option. Search for or add the Site you are going to add the Agreement to and then begin adding the Agreement information.

The screen displayed above is presented each time a new agreement is added. The current contract amount can change during the contract year as needed when services are added or removed from the original contract.

  • Agreement Type: Use the drop-down menu to select an agreement type. Some of the form fields will populate based on the selected type.
  • Number: Assign a unique alphanumeric agreement number of up to 9 characters.
  • Description: This field will show the name on the Customer’s A/R account or Agreement default description based on the user’s selection during the agreement entry process.
  • Status: Displays the current status of the agreement. Active is the default for new service agreements. Existing agreements can use Active, Renew, Cancelled, or Closed to reflect their current status.
  • Est Date: Enter the established date of the agreement. This date is retained for historical purposes and is typically the date the agreement was signed.
  • Start Date: Enter the date the contract goes into effect.
  • Anniversary Date: Computed by the system with an annual date based on the begin date of the service agreement plus the number of contract years.
  • Renewal Sent: This date field is updated by the system as renewals are processed.
  • Contract Amount: Enter the full amount of the contract. This field is for historical and reporting purposes only.
  • Current Contract: Enter the current amount. Contract amounts can be increased by a percentage or set amount as part of the renewal process. The billing schedule is automatically setup using the following formula: Current Contract Amount (divided by) Contract Months.
  • Contract Months: The term of the contract in months. The number entered should be divisible by 12.
  • Free Months:
  • Message: The message field defaults to the value established for the agreement type in the setup options. This value can be changed.

Once all of the information has been added, click the Save Button. Refer to description of additional fields under Master Agreement Section for the tabs – Site Lists Performance, and Renewal Options.

Equipment Record Detail[edit]

After setting up the Equipment Agreement the billing schedules must be established at the equipment record level.

  • Agreement #: Use the drop-down button next to the Agreement # field to select the agreement.
  • Date Covered: Enter the first date for which the equipment is covered by the agreement. The system will take the annual contract amount and divide it by the number of agreement billing cycles and then add the prorated amount to the remaining unbilled months. Select the Equipment Detail Billing Button to continue.

The values on the Equipment Agreement form automatically populate using the data entered into the Inventory Equipment Default in Inventory Maintenance and the Job Type Maintenance in Setup area of SVContheGo. See examples shown below.