Invoice Posting

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Invoice posting is the process by which you transfer invoices from the SVCONTHEGO system to the ERP system.

Once the user enters the Invoice Posting system, they will be presented with two drop down menus. The first menu is Report Type which provides three options:

  • Standard
  • Site Detail
  • Customer Detail

After the Report Type has been selected, the user will then select either Post Batches or Resend Batches from the Batch Action menu and click the Find button.

  • Post Batches will pull a list of invoice batches that have not been posted to the ERP system.
  • Resend Batches will pull a list of invoice batches that have been previously posted to the ERP System.

Upon the completion of the report being run, the user will see a list of invoice batches that fit the criteria. The user will select the invoice batches that they want by clicking the check-box to the left of the Batch Number. The user will then have the option to Preview, Print, Post or Resend the batch - based on the criteria previously selected. Important Note: These options will not be available if the invoice(s) selected has errors in it, for example there are no line items in the invoice(s).

  • Preview allows the user to view the general invoice information for each invoice in the selected batch(es). Batch Number, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Invoice Total will all be displayed for each invoice.
  • Print allows the user to download a PDF copy of the invoice(s) in the selected batch(es).
  • Post allows the user to send the selected invoice(s) to the ERP system.
  • Resend allows the users to resend the selected invoice(s) to the ERP system. Will generally be used to fix errors in invoices.