Job Type Manager

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To access Job Type Manager, select the setup COG > Setup > Job Setup > Job Type Manager
Job Types are used to organize jobs by types. Service types can be assigned to job types to further group jobs.
Job Type Code Description  
Est Hours Quoted $s KPI Call Count
Opportunity Active All
• Create a new Job Type by cloning an existing Service Type
• Create a new Job Type by cloning an existing Cost Type
• Create a new Job Type by cloning an existing Job Type
Service types are assigned to job types.  Only service types assigned to a job type can be assigned to a job.  
Service Type Description KPI Call Count Active
Assigned Button Not Assigned Button Remove all Assignments  
Cost types are used to assign general ledger accounts to transactions. 
Cost Type Description Classification Sub Class  
Labor Inventory Purchases Active
Revenue Account   Subaccount  
Cost Account   Subaccount  
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