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The Planned Maintenance Schedule feature is designed for businesses to manage contractual agreements for planned services. Use planned maintenance schedules to establish regular equipment service calls. Access the the Planned Maintenance Schedule Search from the Planned Maintenance option of the Agreements menu.

The Process:

  1. Create a service
  2. Create an agreement
  3. Add equipment to the site
  4. Attach the agreement to the equipment record
  5. Open the agreement record, click the PM button
  6. Setup the planned maintenance schedule

The agreement master is also used for zero dollar contracts that can be set up to manage planned maintenance schedules only.

Each schedule allows the business to establish service jobs based on tasks to be performed.

The Planned Maintenance Schedule relies on predetermined setup options that are activated through the setup menu prior to completing the schedule. Refer to the Setup Section for more information on the following items:

  • Agreement Type Maintenance (required).
  • Service Type (required)
  • Planned Maintenance Task Codes (required)
  • Material Group Codes