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Select Scheduled Planned Billings from the Invoice menu, to invoice service agreements set up for scheduled invoicing.

Setting Up Scheduled Billing[edit]

Use this screen to select the cutoff date for billing the contract.

Complete the following fields:

  • Order of Output: Choose the order of output in which records are selected. Choose from:
    • Agreement Number
    • Agreement Type
    • Customer Number
    • Start Date
    • Anniversary Date
  • Records to Consider: Use to specify which agreements to process.
    • All Agreements: Processes all agreements.
    • Selected Agreements: Exposes the Record Select button which is used to specify selection criteria.
  • Cut-off Date: Enter the ending date for the month in which invoices will be created. Invoices due after the date entered will not be created.
  • Invoice Date: Enter the date to use as the INVOICE DATE. This will determine due dates and aging for the Accounts Receivable system.
  • Next Invoice: Enter the invoice number that should begin this series of invoices. It is suggested that a separate series of invoice numbers is used for service agreement billings than regular Sales Order invoices.
  • Starting Agreement # (Number): Enter the starting agreement number to generate invoices for a range of agreements. Leave the field blank to generate invoices for all agreements.
  • Ending Agreement # (Number): Enter the ending agreement number to generate invoices for a range of agreements. Leave the field blank to generate invoices for all agreements.
  • Clear Selected: Always clear select agreements that were previously viewed in a list box but not generated. Any records already selected will not display in the new list box.
  • Accept: Clicking the Accept button produces the screen below. A list box is displayed with all the agreement billings that fall into the range selected.
  • Cancel: Click the Cancel button to generate all bills.
  • Skip: To skip an agreement billing double-click the desired record, and then click the Accept button. In the Display Billings window, click the Skip button.

Display Billing Window

  • Generate All: Click this button to generate invoices for all agreements displayed in the list box.
  • Exit: Click this button to exit the planned billings process.
  • OK: Click this button to return to the list box.
  • Skip: Click this button to skip the record displayed from generating an invoice.
  • Void: Click this button to mark the billing schedule with VOID so the planned billing will not generate or redisplay when the planned billing is run.

Once generated, the invoices will be referenced in the service site agreement record. Since Batch posting is used, the following screen will be displayed: