Account Management

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To access Request, select the setup COG > Account
Use the Account feature to manage licenses and user accounts.
Ftp Server   Username Password
License Management
License Management
Licenses are assigned at the two levels.  First the license must be assigned to an active user.  Then the use is assigned acces to one or more companies. 
 View both assigned and unassigned licenses.
Company Assignments
License Details
Used to provide user access to active companies.
 Add, remove company assignements
User Management
User Management
Displays a list of user accounts.
User Details
Account User Details
Used to manage user accounts.
 Add, edit user accounts
 Assignment user licenses
 Role assignment
 Manage cost visibility
 Manage time setting AM/PM or Military
Role   Cost Visibility  
Role Management
Role management provides the abiity to control which forms are available to users.  Forms can be added by module or by individual form. 
 Add all forms for a module to the user
 Remove all forms from the user
 Add one or more forms from a module to the user