Dispatch Card Print

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Use the Dispatch Card Print option to print service tickets in batch based upon criteria specified. Dispatch Cards are often referred to as service tickets.


  • Print Options: Select either the Print Primary Card Only option or the Print A/S Transactions option.
  • Re-Print Already Printed
  • Transaction Dates: Transaction Dates: Select a From Date and To Date to include jobs between that range in the report.
  • Job: Input a specific job number or a portion of a job number. Click Find to bring up a list of jobs that meet that criteria. Select one, a few, or all of the jobs by clicking the check boxes next to the desired job numbers.
  • Form: Only option is Dispatch Card.
  • Servicers:
  • Status:

Once the Filters have been set, the user will click the Search button to generate a list of all the dispatch cards that match the search criteria.

Users will be able to download dispatch cards by clicking the check boxes in the print column that correspond to the desired dispatch cards. The user will then click the Export to PDF link in the top right corner of the search results to begin the download of the selected dispatch cards.