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SVContheGO Dashboard

SVCONTHEGO is a completely integrated field service management software. It optimizes your accounting, back office, and mobile systems so your service enterprise can work more efficiently and achieve greater profitability.

To learn how to get the most out of your SVCONTHEGO system, continue reading this user manual.

Setting Up Svconthego

After you have pulled data into your Svconthego software from your ERP system, you will be taken through the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the initial setup of the Financial, Equipment Tracking, Transactional Items, and Operational Items that will be needed to allow you to begin utilizing your Svconthego system.

After the initial setup, clicking the gear shaped icon will open a drop-down menu that will allow you to access your Setup and Account settings. You will be able to adjust any settings, records, etc created during the initial set-up. You can also contact the Svconthego Support team to submit issues with the system you need to be reviewed and resolved.

VIP Dashboard

Service optimization is key when you need to need to be able to schedule and complete multiple service calls in multiple locations in the same day. It allows for more jobs to be done in a day while lowering costs and increasing profitability. Productivity increases when less time is spent digging for customer data, having to make additional stops for parts, and invoicing completed jobs is automated. Customers as well as technicians love well-planned, fast services.

The Dashboard is the main hub to assess your business health and begin your optimization process. With real-time reports on jobs, sites, revenue, and workforce performance you have all the critical information you need to ensure that your business is on the right path. The live job map displays all of your jobs in the field and can be filtered technician, job type, customer, location, and more.

The drop-down menus, more details below, allow you to dive further into your business optimization tools - customer records, dispatch boards, invoicing tools, equipment, agreements, reports, and mobile.


The search feature is how you will access customer data that has filtered in from your ERP software.

Customer - Search for and edit customer data, look up sites and invoices

Sites - Search for and edit site data

Jobs - Search for and edit specific job data

Equipment - Search for and edit specific equipment data

Company Reps - Search for specific company representatives

Contacts - Search for specific contacts within customer data


See calls as they come in, select technicians to take them, see live updates on jobs as they happen.

Call Central - Used as a query tool for managing current service jobs based upon pre-established criteria.

Dispatch Board - A new way to visualize your dispatched jobs.


Make your money work for you.

Batches/Search - Manage your invoices with our batch management system.

Schedule Planned Billing - Invoice service agreements set up for scheduled invoicing.

Deferred Revenue - The Deferred Revenue Register creates a general ledger register to post revenue from the deferred revenue account to the revenue account for all agreements with deferred revenue.

Invoice Print - Also know as the Invoice Report, this option is used to view and print copies of Invoices.

Invoice Posting - Post invoices from the SVCONTHEGO system to your ERP system.

Bulk Invoice Generator - Work in Progress


Never lose track of equipment data or locations. Use the Equipment option to search for and edit specific equipment data.


The Agreements features are used to manage, bill and renew contractual arrangements with customers. Each agreement links to a single customer’s accounts receivable record. Multiple sites can be covered by one agreement. Agreements can include planned maintenance schedules for each site that automate the creation of routine service jobs.


An unlimited number of service management reports can be generated from the SVCONTHEGO reporting system. SVCONTHEGO includes many predefined reports, which can be filtered by specifying the sort order and selection criteria.

Svc Job Transaction Detail - The Service (Svc) Job Transaction Detail Report is used to report job transaction details.

Svc Job Profitability - The Service (Svc) Job Profitability Report is used to provide profitability information for service jobs.

Svc Job Work Order Profitability - The Service (Svc) Job Work Order Profitability Report is used to provide profitability information for the work orders assigned to service jobs.

Svc Equipment Profitability - The Service (Svc) Equipment Profitability Report is used to provide profitability information for service equipment records.

Svc Tech Profitability - The Service (Svc) Tech Profitability Report is used to provide profitability information for service technicians.

Agreement Profitability - The Agreement Profitability Report is used to provide profitability information for Agreements.

Planned Maintenance Projections - Planned Maintenance Projections Report is used to report data relating to future material or labor requirements for service agreement preventative maintenance schedules.

Dispatch Card Print - Use the Dispatch Card Print option to print service tickets/dispatch cards in batch based upon criteria specified.

Equipment Used Where? - Use the Equipment Used Where? option to print what jobs and locations equipment is used based upon criteria specified.


Learn what your Mobile technicians in the field see and how their workflows operate.