Planned Maintenance Projections

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Planned Maintenance Projections Report is used to report data relating to future material or labor requirements for service agreement preventative maintenance schedules.

Sort By Use the Sort By drop-list to set which field determines the report’s sort order. For example, if Agreement is chosen, the report will present the specified information in numerical order according to the Agreement Number. Similarly, if Site ID is chosen, the system would present the data in Site ID Order.

  • Agreement Number
  • Site ID
  • Task
  • Item #

Selection Criteria In the Selection Criteria area of the screen, change the Start and End value for any values of the available filter options. Users can select multiple selection criteria for the report.

  • Select: Choose either Material or Labor.
  • Renewal: Choose either Assume or Ignore.
  • Transaction Dates: Select a From Date and To Date to include jobs between that range in the report. Also specify if the range is for date the job was marked as Complete or the date the job was Received.
  • Agreement: Input a portion of an Agreement Number and click Find to generate a list of agreements. Select one, a few, or all of the agreements by clicking the check boxes next to the desired agreements.