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Complete Intiial setup > Setup Wizard opens automtically
Once the initial setup and import is completed the system will automatically open the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard provides quick access to the setup options.  Once the setup is complete the user must validate the settings to verify that all of the required steps have been complete. If the setting are valid, the user will be provided the ability to continue to the software.
 Chart of Accounts - This option is review only.
 Type of Work - Used to establish Job Types. All jobs require a job type.
 Version/Revision Type - Level Types for Model levels.
 Manufacturer Matrix - Manufacturer and model setup.
 Equipment Type - Equipment Type setup.
 Warehouses - This option is review only.
 Inventory Groups - Product line setup.
 Misc Item Groups - Used for reporting.
 Items - Inventory Management. (Required)
 User Management - Manage user accounts and license assignments.
 ETA/SLA Configuration - Priority Code setup.
 Workflow Milestones - Status Code setup.
 Service Location Types - Site Types setup.
 Collateral Tasks - Task Type setup.
 Marketing - Advertising - Referral Code setup.
 Nat'l/Reg Chains - Chain setup.
 Contact Classification - Contact Type setup.
 Inactive Reasons - Inactive Reason setup.
 Note Categories - Note category setup.
 Service Requests - Job Request setup.
 Service Solutions - Job Solution setup.
 Workforce - Servicer setup. (Required before creating jobs)
 System Defaults - System defaults and settings. (Required)