Item Maintenance

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ItemMaint ccexpress.png
To access Item Maintenance, select the setup COG > Setup > Job Setup > Item Maintenance
Desc Here:
Needs Attention
Search/Bulk Update
Filter by Drop-list
Filter by Zero Price Only
Filter by Zero Cost Only
Filter Fields
Item Type     Active
Item Code Item Description  
Current Classif. Current Cost Type Zero Price Only Zero Cost Only
Use in Mobile Mobile Button    
Inv Edit ccexpress.png
Edit Fields
Item Product Line
Item Description  
Sales UOM Tax Class
Unit Cost Unit Price
Trade Discount  
Commissionable Split Commission
Active Price Code
Defaults Tab
Inv defaults ccexpress.png
Default Fields
Short Desc Use in Mobile Mobile Button
Equipment Tab
Inv EQBuild ccexpress.png
Equipment Fields
Equipment Build  
EQ Type Manufacturer
Model Level
Labor Warranty Parts Warranty  
Agreement Allocations Tab
InvAgree ccexpress.png
Agreement Allocation Fields
Agreement Type Allocation
Misc Charges Tab
Inv reportinggrps ccexpress.png
Misc Charges Fields
Reporting Groups  
Cost Types Tab
Inv costtypes ccexpress.png
Cost Types Fields
Classification Subclass
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